9 Benefits of Routine Lawn Care Treatment

9 reasons you need routine lawn care maintenance

Top Benefits of Routine Lawn Care Treatment

routine lawn care treatment from colonial lawn and garden

Throughout these warm, blue-sky summer days in the Tri-Cities and Yakima, our front and backyards become a showcase for neighbor barbecues, games, and entertainment. That means your lawn and the rest of your landscape will be on full display for many people to see. 

With all this exposure of your landscape, you want to do everything you can to maintain a beautiful, immaculate yard while you’re having fun. Fortunately, routine lawn care treatment provided by a professional will give your lawn a luster and appeal that will draw compliments from your guests. 

The right lawn care treatment is what you need to ensure your lawn always looks its best and is in prime condition for lots of activities. You won’t have to be distracted by unsightly weeds or blotches of crabgrass tainting your lawn’s appearance. 

If you have limited lawn-care knowledge, or you’re way to busy to tend to the maintenance and upkeep, then a professional lawn care service plan is the perfect solution for achieving a gorgeous landscape. 

We will show you the primary benefits to having routine lawn care that will give you a yard you can be proud of and leave your neighbors jealous. 

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1. Routine Lawn Care Creates a Healthier Lawn

A healthy, thriving lawn requires more than periodic basic care like watering and mowing. It needs the attention that professional lawn care experts offer. Quality lawn maintenance and upkeep takes knowledge and skill that includes the proper mowing techniques, plant growth patterns, feeding and pruning schedules, and much more. 

An amateur is not equipped to address the many aspects of lawn care that a professional can. Lawn care professionals have the skills and training to ensure that your lawn is consistently healthy and strong. 

 2. Routine Lawn Care Increases your Lawn’s Weed Control

Why Weed Control is Important:

  • Gives Back Valuable Nutrients, Light, & Air to Your Trees, Plants, & Grass — Weeds usually grow more quickly than plants, trees, and grass. This means your plants lose the race to needed nutrients like phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen, as well as light, air, and water, as the weeds grow and choke them out. 
  • Makes for a Safer Outdoor Environment for People and Pets — By removing weeds from your yard, it will create a safer outdoor environment for your family, friends, and guests, as well as your pets. Common weeds such as clover can attract bees, which can sting your children and pets. Similarly, other flowering weeds can also attract pollinators.

Weeds are just bad news for your lawn. They can spoil the appearance of your entire landscape.  

Without the proper weed control treatments performed by a professional lawn care team, aggressive weeds will take every opportunity to invade your lawn. Among the specific weeds you might find in your grass – if it is unhealthy and not well-maintained – are thatch, foxtails, and dandelions. These pesky weeds are especially present during warmer weather. 

After you spot these weeds in your lawn, it requires the right weed control solutions that a professional lawn care treatment service can provide. Your lawn care contractor is trained and skilled to apply the right chemical weed control that is made to prevent weeds from sprouting each season. 

These professional weed control treatments save you time and allow you to devote more of your waking hours to having fun and spending time with family and friends. 

routine lawn treatment from colonial lawn

3. Pest & Insect Control Services

You’re bound to see many insects and pests in your landscape, but some are capable of causing damage to your lawn. But routine lawn care treatment will enable you to stay ahead of these troublesome pests, so your lawn remains healthy and beautiful. 

Lawns that are not maintained well and are overgrown are the perfect breeding ground for many types of insects and pests. Though they may be hard to see, insects like caterpillars, beetles and aphids could invade your lawn.  Underground pests such as fire ants, wire worms and slugs can penetrate into your soil. 

However, professional lawn care maintenance can effectively keep these intruders away from your lawn and soil. That’s right, having a lawn-care treatment plan in place can save yourself the hassle of doing battle with these pests. 

4. Routine Lawn Care can Increase your Curb Appeal

When you have a well-maintained lawn, it brings beauty and character to your home. It will also increase the value of your property. Appraisers estimate that a well-landscaped and maintained lawn adds as much as 7 percent to the value of your property.  A recent Gallop survey found that a 15 percent increase in the selling price can be achieved when your home is nicely landscaped. 

But if your landscape is marred by overgrown grass and lots of weeds, that will greatly diminish your curb appeal. 

When you hire a professional for routine lawn care services, you are investing in your home’s worth. That will give you a handsome pay off when it comes time to sell your house.  

5. Reap the Benefits of Professional Knowledge

When you acquire the services of a professional lawn care company, you will benefit from their extensive knowledge of lawn care products and procedures.  It is this knowledge that is key to maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn.

Why bother taking the time to learn all the details of lawn care, and in doing so, run into obstacles and possibly do harm to your lawn? Instead, you can simply leave it to the professionals with their lawn care know-how. 

When you hire a professional, you have the peace of mind of knowing that your lawn is being cared for by people with the skills and experience to do it right. Mistakes will be avoided, and measures will be taken to ensure high quality lawn maintenance. 

Pro Tip: Consider hiring Colonial Lawn and Garden for a routine garden equipment maintenance checkup. Read our past blog on why you should have your garden equipment inspected by Colonial Lawn and Garden during the off season.

routine lawn care treatment from colonial lawn and garden

6. Routine Lawn Care with Colonial Lawn Guarantees Organic Lawn Care

If you want to ensure that all chemicals used in your lawn care maintenance are safe for people and pets, then organic lawn care is a viable option. This routine lawn care service will promote green living while protecting the environment from chemicals and toxic fumes. 

Another advantage of organic lawn care is that it promotes aeration, as well as weed control, with organic nutrient mixtures that improve the soil quality. You’ll also enjoy strong root growth, plant stability, and protection from lawn diseases and harmful insects. 

7. Routine Lawn Care can Save You Money Long Term

At first, you may be skeptical of the notion that hiring a lawn care services company could save you money.  But consider how expensive it would be to purchase the necessary equipment and chemicals to consistently maintain a nice-looking lawn. 

As you might guess, it will probably be less expensive to hire a professional to do the job right and efficiently. For example, you could save some cash by not needing to pay for mistakes that you could make because you lack the expertise and experience that a lawn treatment professional has. 

8. Routine Lawn Care can Improve Lawn Water Absorption 

When you have a healthy lawn, you can increase its absorption of rainfall four to six times more effectively than farm fields, for example. 

A Penn State University study reported that thick lawns slow the velocity of run-off water.  However, a high-quality lawn is roughly 15 times more likely to absorb this water than an unkept yard can. 

9. Colonial Lawn Care Creates Better Aeration for your Lawn

As part of their routine lawn care, an expert crew of professionals will use special equipment to poke holes in your lawn. This is an essential part of your lawn care treatment. Without adequate aeration, your soil will begin to become impacted, and that obstructs the nutrients, water, and air from getting to the roots of the grass. 

However, a professional lawn care company has the right equipment and tools to bring up plugs of soil throughout your lawn. Afterward, your soil will have access to surface drainage and be prepared to receive the nutrients it needs to make the grass grow. 

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