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Maintaining a healthy and beautiful yard requires more than simply watering and mowing your lawn. There are many aspects of landscaping care to consider that will directly impact the growth and even survival of your lawn, trees, shrubs, and plants. You can count on Colonial Lawn & Garden to perform the various important tasks to keep your outdoor areas looking their best.


Core aeration is a process where a machine pulls plugs of soil, thatch, and grass out of the ground.  You may have observed public lawns or neighbors’ yards with these plugs spread across the lawn. This service is performed once a year, and typically in the spring or fall. Aeration allows water, air, and nutrients to penetrate the soil.  When nutrients penetrate deeper into the root zone, they become available to the turf. Aeration is especially vital if you have compacted, poor or clay-heavy soil that has been impacted by heavy equipment or lots of foot traffic. At Colonial Lawn & Garden, we will perform the aeration task for you and make sure it is carried out properly, so your lawn reaches its full growth potential and continues to look beautiful.

This service is performed once a year, usually in the spring or fall, and has quite a few benefits:

Colonial Lawn Aeration

Sprinkler System Design, Installation, and Repair

Why would you want to make the effort and dedicate the time in your busy schedule to watering your lawn and flowerbeds manually?  It is much easier and more efficient to install a sprinkler system. At Colonial Lawn & Garden, we install custom sprinkler systems. We will deliver the perfect design of sprinkler system for your landscape so it reaches all the living things that require water to live and grow. We will also diagnose issues in a prompt fashion and fix them with speed and precision, so your sprinklers are operating again as quickly as possible.

Landscape Enchantments

If you want to refresh your landscape and enhance its appeal, then let Colonial Lawn & Garden help you achieve the look you desire as we do everything from laying sod, installing rock, and bark or compost in your landscape beds. You can leave the work to us as our technicians enhance the allure of your yard so it looks like your dream landscape.

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Tree and Shrub Pruning

If you want to be sure that your trees and shrubs stay healthy and live amidst optimal conditions, then they will need pruning. The landscaping experts at Colonial Lawn & Garden will prune your trees and shrubs with precision and at the right times. Making the correct cuts will ensure proper structural growth, prevent disease, and avoid pest infestations. Our technicians are pruning experts who will take the best care of your trees and shrubs so they consistently look beautiful.

Top Dressing and Overseeding

Our top-dressing service at Colonial Lawn & Garden will mean all the difference when it comes to your lawn looking green and healthy. Our technicians will spread an organic compost over your lawn, which provides numerous health benefits, such as your grass receiving necessary nutrients, and smoothing out the ground surface. You might decide to overseed your lawn if it appears somewhat thin.  Our technicians will spread grass seed over your lawn, allowing the open spots to fill in.  By having Colonial Lawn & Garden implement top dressing and overseeding, your lawn will look lush, green, and healthy.


Excessive thatch, or a layer of roots, dead grass shoots, and stems that rest on top of the soil, are all harmful to your lawn’s health. Our expert lawn-care technicians from Colonial Lawn & Garden will thin out the thatch through power raking, which enables the fertilizer, water, air and other nutrients to penetrate the ground and reach your lawn’s roots. This is why it is so important to de-thatch so your lawn can receive all the nutrients necessary to live and thrive.


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Lawn Fungicide

There is nothing that can mar the appearance of your lawn worse than lawn fungicide. Within just days, a fungus will leave your lawn looking discolored, turning your visible investment into an embarrassing sight. Lawn fungus’ feed on decomposing organic matter in your lawn or the grass plant itself. Leave it to the lawn-care experts at Colonial Lawn & Garden to quickly identify your fungus problem and apply treatment to prevent continual damage. Trust Colonial Lawn & Garden to provide recommendations or treatments that enable you to maintain a healthy and vibrant lawn throughout the year.

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