Lawn Care Program

Nothing gives your home more curb appeal than a deep green, well-cared-for, healthy lawn. Your yard is one of the first things people – including home buyers – will notice. Your landscape should look like it is properly maintained, as this will reflect on you as the homeowner or business owner. We know that having a healthy and lush lawn requires work. Just watering and trimming isn’t enough. That is why we invite you to turn to Colonial Lawn & Garden for our professional expertise to ensure that every element of your landscape is thriving and looking good.

Lawn Fertilization

At Colonial Lawn & Garden, we offer top-of-the-line fertilization program for your lawn. Our technicians know all the elements that are required to sustain a beautiful lawn. We have the expertise to know exactly what your lawn needs to grow healthy and strong. You can also rest easy knowing that our fertilizers are kid and pet friendly once they are dried. We invite you to experience the amazing results!

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Weed Control

The best way to control weeds and not have them infest your lawn is by having thick, healthy turf. Even so, weeds can still find their way into healthy lawns. At Colonial Lawn & Garden, we have developed a program that is designed to proactively prevent weeds such as spurge, crabgrass and oxalis. What’s more, we also control those weeds that somehow are able to break through with post-emergent weed control treatments. We use safe control methods so you are guaranteed to eliminate weeds while keeping you and your pets free of any harmful chemicals.

Examples of problem weeds in this area include:

Grub Control

Grubs pose a serious danger to your lawn, as they are capable of killing entire sections of your grass.  At Colonial Lawn & Garden, we apply preventive products to control damaging insects before you notice a problem. Our expert technicians take the necessary action to help you regain control over an issue with grubs so your lawn is restored to its natural, beautiful condition.

6 Inspections from a Licensed Technician

You may not be a lawn expert, but you do know when something doesn’t look right. Our licensed technicains provide 6 inspections as part of our premium lawn care program. They will identify problems early, so we take corrective action before a problem gets out of hand. All this is included in our lawn care program.

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