Meet the Team


CEO / President

Operator of dirt bikes, jeeps, snowmobiles & fly fishing rods. Blessed, bald & humble family guy who enjoys his team, clients, vendors, & the movie Dumb & Dumber.


Operations / Human Resources Manager

WSDA App Lic# 78501
Intelligent, Ambitious, Christian outdoorsman, musician, successful leader, & father to 3 boys. Inspired by hard working people & bringing value to others.


Financial Manager

Chef extraordinaire & admirer of Shirley Temple. Inspired by Jesus, her top 3 highlights in life are Salvation, Grace, & Mercy.


Sales / Account Rep

WSDA App Lic# 86721
Inspired by the outdoors & king of family mini-vacations! Wants to be famous for creating a program to rehabilitate homeless people.


Sales/Account Rep

Motivated, fun & outgoing super dad who loves music, motorcycles, snowmobiling, movies, & our financial manager's cooking.


Office/Client Services Manager

Skilled & accomplished horsewoman that is inspired by her 3 best friends. Favorite Movie: Lonesome Dove


Tri-Cities Division Manager

WSDA App Lic# 86600
Gentle Giant, Father, husband, & Leader. Favorite Movie: Shawshank Redemption. Thoughts on Colonial: The culture is great!


Landscaping/Irrigation Manager

WSDA App Lic# 84244
WSU Magna Cum Laude graduate & collegiate water-skier from WSU. Inspired by satisfied Colonial customers & his co-workers.
Favorite movie: The Usual Suspects.


Lawn Care/Maintenance Manager

WSDA App Lic# 91415
Determined, outgoing & adventurous Army Vet who loves quality time with his kids. Enjoys Colonial's diverse group & is inspired by his children & Freedom.


Irrigation Technician

Collector of action figures and comic books. Describes himself as Quiet, misunderstood, & approachable.


Client Services Rep

SCAdian, seamstress, actress, & hoarder of fabric. Grandmother to the cutest boy in all the land, aspires to be the most fabulous basement troll of all time.


Client Services Rep

Strong & kind fitness enthusiast. Passionate about family, friends and MMA. Inspired by her husband, enjoys reading in coffee shops.


Client Services Rep

Organized, helpful, & sharing. Pam is the knower of many things. Loves her family, children & holidays.


Maintenance Tech


Lawn Care Tech

WSDA App Lic# 90385
Super honest, friendly & outgoing family guy, inspired by his wife and 4 daughters. Favorite movie: First Blood.


Lawn Care Tech

WSDA App Lic# 84545
Honest hiking, cycling, volunteer, photographer, & dog lover. Former business owner & Trekkie, he would like the power to fly & to better the world around him.


Enhancement Tech

A great dad who enjoys camping, fishing, & hanging with his kids. His nickname is "Tiny Monster" & he is inspired by his dad.


Pruning Foreman

WSDA App Lic# 92476
A quiet & focused bird-watching, hiking, board-gaming Brit & proud father of 2. Climbed Mt Cameroon & Hiked in Scotland with his Godfather. Inspired by C.T. Studd.


Irrigation Technician

WSDA App Lic# 90385
Super honest, friendly & outgoing family guy, inspired by his wife and 4 daughters. Favorite movie: First Blood.


Enhancement Tech

Happy, crazy, family oriented joker who enjoys camping & likes to learn new things every day. Favorite movie is Stand by Me.


Lawn Care Tech

WSDA App Lic# 6445
Costumed, contra-dancing, woodworking, bicycling Archer who enjoys Colonial's positive work environment. Spent 3 weeks bird-watching in Ecuador & achieved a sunrise climb of Mt Adams.


Lawn Care Tech

App Lic# 51930
Describes himself as mean, bitter, & short! Inspired by chocolate, bacon & BBQ, he loves to read, cook, listen to music & podcasts.


Enhancement Lead

Ornery, old husband & proud dad of 3. Hobbies: Golf, bikes & dogs. Wants to be famous for being the Irrigation guy that cured cancer.


Lawn Care Tech

WSDA App Lic# 48204
8 year U.S. Air Force Veteran & alpine skier, he is inspired by his Colonial family. Favorite move is "Pale Rider." DUTY, HONOR, COUNTRY!


Maintenance Tech

A motivated, direct, & honest guy who sees mistakes as an opportunity to learn. Enjoys Detailing cars, camping, & movies.


Irrigation Technician

Enjoys the Colonial culture & is inspired by fellow employees. Devoted & determined man of God who wants to make a difference in the world.


Fleet/Shop Assistant

Active & helpful builder of things with a great sense of humor. Noah never gets bored at work and aspires to be a professional athlete.
Favorite movie: Furious 7


Fleet/Shop Manager

Convivial, unmitigated, & emulous speed racer & father of 2 has survived a volcanic eruption & succeeded in getting out of bed this morning.
Wants to win the Daytona 500.


Pruning Technician

A man in love, owner of a great Weenie dog, who is inspired by his father to be a better person. He enjoys video games, fishing & hunting. Wants to direct a hit film.


Lawn Care Tech

WSDA App Lic#95459
Enigmatic & famously cool guy who enjoys board games & doing whatever his fiancé tells him to do. Favorite movie is Fantastic Mr. Fox & he is inspired by John the Baptist.


Maintenance Tech

Enjoys reading books & working on cars. Intelligent, active, hardworking, & peaceful family man who enjoys learning all the time. Favorite film: Cantinflas


Enhancement Tech

Determined, happy, & energetic skateboard and hiking enthusiast. He is inspired by life & wants to be famous for helping people.


Maintenance Tech

Likes playing soccer & video games. Committed, motivated, attentive & inspired by his mom. Says working at Colonial is peaceful.


Maintenance Tech

Funny, awesome, & motivated dad loves hanging out with his 2 boys, playing soccer, the Seattle Sounders, & being a Boy Scout.


Lawn Care Tech

WSDA App Lic#96026
Goofy, happy, service-minded husband who loves reading and playing games. Freestyle swimmer inspired by his dad and his wife.


Enhancement Tech

Inspired by his mom & grandmother, this kind, thoughtful, & generous young man would like to be an actor & loves being outdoors.


Shop Tech

An easy going veteran that is just trying to live a good life & enjoy his family in the process. Favorite movie: American Graffiti.


Maintenance Tech

A helpful, & loyal family man who feels blessed in all things. Likes the respect he gets at Colonial. Plays guitar & loves a good meal.


Maintenance Tech

Wants to be the world’s 1st real superhero. Described as Dependable, hardworking & resilient, he is inspired by his wife & child.


Lawn Care Tech

WSDA App Lic#96264
Super nice guy who wants to be famous for climbing mountains.


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