Top 5 Pest Control Mistakes Homeowners Make and How to Avoid Them

pest control mistakes from homeowners Colonial Lawn and Garden

Do you enjoy ants crawling into your drinks, mosquitos snacking on your kids, or spiders making nests in your bushes? The answer is likely a big fat NO! Whether furry or creepy, pests are a major issue for every homeowner. Nobody wants to share their property with uninvited guests, which is where pest control comes into play. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as it looks, leading homeowners to make pest control mistakes frequently. That is why we are sharing with you the most common mistakes and how you can avoid them!

Top 5 Pest Control Mistakes 

#1: Incorrect Identification of Pests

pest control mistakes from homeowners Colonial Lawn and Garden

The first of the pest control mistakes we see homeowners commonly make is improper identification of the pest, especially when it comes to insects. With them being so small and often looking similar to the untrained eye, it is easy to make an identification error. 

Here in Washington, we typically see spiders, termites, ants, wasps/bees, and rodents causing issues. For example, can you tell the difference between yellow jackets and paper wasps? Unfortunately, improper identification can lead to the wrong treatment being implemented! Therefore, proper identification is the first step in pest control.


We understand that etymology may not be your strong suit. Rather than taking a magnifying outside to get a good look, hiring a professional is the best option. Professional pest control services are experienced in identifying different pests and can provide insights on the best treatment option. 

#2: Not Addressing the Root Cause

Now that you know the type of pest, why is it making your home its home? Another of the common pest control mistakes we see homeowners make is addressing the issue rather than the cause. They only tackle what they can see, but that doesn’t stop pests from returning. 

Remember, pests are animals that require the basic necessities of life: food, water, shelter, and warmth. Common problems we see are rodents nesting in wood piles, termites getting into homes through cracks in a home’s exterior, and insects taking to standing water.


One of the primary goals of pest control is addressing root concerns. You want to find out why these pests have congregated on your property and fix the issue. This may mean moving a wood pile to the outskirts of your yard, calling in for home repairs, or reworking a sprinkler system to prevent standing water. 

#3: Using the Wrong Techniques or Products

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As mentioned above, properly identifying pests and root causes can lead to utilizing correct treatments. However, homeowners can still make pest control mistakes after they identify the pest issue. It is highly common for homeowners to use the wrong technique or product when attempting to DIY pest control. They often spray the incorrect chemicals at the wrong intervals and in improper locations. This not only minimizes the effectiveness of the treatment but can be harmful to the environment, pets, family members, and even the structure of the home. 


Before jumping into treatment, we recommend carefully reviewing the proper techniques and products to perform the task. If you are unsure what to do, don’t guess. Seek the assistance of a professional pest control company to ensure proper pest control is put in place. 

#4: Inconsistent Treatment Planning

Many homeowners treat pest control as a one-and-done idea, or that it will last far longer than it will. However, most pest control treatments work on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on the type of pest you are treating– it certainly doesn’t last forever. With that, homeowners are often active, busy people, and pest control is an easy home maintenance task to forget. This leads to inconsistent pest control treatments that render the process less effective. 


If you are going to DIY your pest control, you must do so consistently. We recommend scheduling it into your calendar and performing it without fail every time the date comes around. However, if that doesn’t work with your calendar, you should consider outsourcing your pest control to a professional team that will manage your treatment schedule for you. 

#5: Not Utilizing Professional Help

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In a recent article, Forbes reported that in a pest control survey, they found that almost half of respondents said their home experienced structural damage due to a pest infestation. Unfortunately, those same respondents stated they would be unwilling to pay for pest prevention costs. One of the biggest pest control mistakes homeowners can make is trying to self-manage pest control when they don’t have the skills, experience, desire, or time to do it. Pest control is not something that can be neglected. For example, a wood-boring beetle infestation can set you back $5,000!


To protect their families and property from pests, the best action homeowners can take is to enlist professional help. While it may be an added household expense, it is worth every penny to get consistent, high-quality professional pest control to prevent issues before they happen. Plus, you get the added bonus of saving time and money not only in performing the task but also in buying and storing products and equipment. 

Colonial Lawn & Garden – Your Local Solution to Pest Control

At Colonial Lawn & Garden, we offer our locals perimeter pest control services. By treating the perimeter of your home, you can rest assured that any pest that dares cross the boundary will perish. By concentrating on the exterior of your home, spray solely along the foundation of your home and around your windows, doors, and light fixtures. You can rest assured that our toxic-free pest spray keeps unwelcome guests from making an entry. 

Our clients enjoy our pest control services as they get all the benefits of a pest-free space without effort. Our fully trained, licensed technicians will show up on schedule and take care of business, whether you can be there or not – saving you time! 

Are you ready to improve your home life by keeping pests out? Give us a call today for a free consultation and to schedule your first appointment!