Technology in Lawn Care: Smart Irrigation Systems to Keep Your Lawn Pristine

smart lawn care tools - irrigation systems by Colonial Lawn & Garden

Have you ever forgotten to turn the sprinkler off and over-watered your lawn? Alternatively, have you been gone or forgotten on a hot day just to return to find brown grass? Have you ever had to set timers on your phone to remind you to move the sprinkler 15 feet to hit the next patch of grass? If any of this sounds familiar, it is time to upgrade your lawn care with lawn maintenance technology, specifically smart irrigation systems. 

Smart Lawn Care Tools – Automated Irrigation Systems

smart lawn care tools - irrigation systems by Colonial Lawn & Garden

As a busy homeowner, the last thing you want to do is get up early to water the lawn or spend your evenings holding a garden hose. Fortunately, smart lawn care tools have developed rapidly over the last few years, providing homeowners with a vast array of technology to make their lives easier. One that we highly recommend utilizing is smart irrigation systems

Unlike traditional watering systems that use irrigation controllers operating on preset schedules, smart irrigation systems utilize advanced technology to modify irrigation techniques according to the current weather, soil conditions, and landscape water consumption needs. Essentially, these systems adjust the watering performed to fit the need of the moment rather than what was anticipated based on unreliable data from who knows how long ago! 

When it comes to smart irrigation systems, the benefits of using them are three-fold. Let us dive into the details.

The Benefits of Lawn Maintenance Technology

#1: Efficient Water Usage

Did you know that as much as 50% of the 9 billion gallons of water used in the US each day is wasted due to overwatering because of inefficient watering systems? Even here in Washington, being mindful and conservative with water consumption is critical for the environment and your pocketbook. 

Smart lawn care tools are designed to be a comprehensive system that utilizes only the amount of water needed. Equipped with sensors and weather data integration, these systems can detect soil moisture levels, rainfall, and evapotranspiration rates. This not only allows you to conserve water but also helps to achieve a vibrant lawn. With this cutting-edge technology, you can do your part to control the amount of water used, bringing us to benefit #2. 

#2: Remote Control Capabilities

Sprinkler System for pristine lawn care by Colonial Lawn & Garden

Many smart irrigation systems are equipped with remote control capabilities. This means that homeowners can monitor, analyze, and adjust their watering schedules with the ease of their phones. There are many practical benefits to this, including:

  • Setting watering schedules without manual intervention (perfect for busy people or going on vacation).
  • Adjusting watering based on current weather conditions (there is no point in watering during a downpour).
  • Monitoring soil moisture levels to minimize waterlogging and root rot (yes, you can overwater your lawn).

Overall, these remote control capabilities forgo the need to walk out onto the lawn, move the sprinklers, and stare at the sky to guess if it will rain. The smart lawn maintenance technology will take the guesswork and manual labor out of the picture. 

#3: Data Analytics

As with anything, water costs money. Even if you live on a well system, you still utilize a machine that requires maintenance and care. Due to this, capturing data analytics allows you to be the most cost-effective in your water usage. 

Utilizing these analytics, you will be able to calculate how much water you are using, what the cost is, and how often you can expect to need maintenance or repair. It may prompt you to water during off-peak hours or during cooler parts of the day to reduce your utility bills. Alternatively, it may convince you to invest in drought-tolerant or xeriscaping to reduce the water you need to keep your property vibrant. 

We have seen that simply being able to see where your money is going prompts homeowners to pursue more mindful and conservative water techniques to keep costs down. 

How to Use Smart Technology for Lawn Care

The first step to advancing your lawn maintenance technology and overall lawn care is installing if you don’t already have them. While it may seem like a hefty investment, smart sprinkler systems will end up saving you in the long run in terms of water and time savings. 

We suggest contacting a sprinkler installer for a design and installation consultation to ensure you get the best layout for your landscaping. After the installation, we recommend taking the time to carefully review the user manual and set up your remote-controlled preferences to get the greatest time and cost savings. 

Lastly, we advise creating a sprinkler maintenance plan or hiring a professional team to ensure that your sprinkler system remains in top shape throughout the seasons and the years. After investing the time, effort, and money to creating this system, keeping it well-maintained is the best way to protect your system and ensure its longevity. 

sprinkler maintenance provided by Colonial Lawn & Garden

While it may seem like a big project upfront, once it is set up, you can essentially let it run on its own, with just those few check-ins throughout the seasons! 

The “Smart” Choice – Colonial Lawn & Garden Can Help You with Lawn Maintenance Technology

If you want to advance your lawn care technology to build long-term savings and environment stewardship, Colonial Lawn & Garden is here to help. We understand that lawn maintenance is a lot of work, and most homeowners are simply too busy to worry about watering and sprinkler maintenance. That is why we have designed a sprinkler maintenance plan to put your to-do list at ease. 

Our sprinkler maintenance plan includes seven checks throughout the season, a spring start-up, fall winterization, and five check-ins. Plus, our expert crew can work with any type of sprinkler system, smart technology or traditional, to ensure you the best results. 

Embrace the future of lawn care with Colonial Lawn & Garden. Contact us today to learn how our advanced tools and technology can keep your lawn looking its best with minimal effort.