Who Has the Best Weed Control Treatment in the Tri-Cities?

Who Has the Best Weed Control Treatment in the Tri Cities
colonial lawn and garden best weed control treatment

The Best Weed Control Treatment in the Tri-Cities

At Colonial Lawn & Garden, we understand what a nuisance weeds are for your lawn. These pesky, stubborn weeds always seem to crop up and leave unsightly blotches on what is otherwise a beautiful lawn. It’s like a never-ending battle to get your grass free of weeds. 

At Colonial Lawn & Garden, we use the best and most effective weed control products on the market. The equipment we use specially calibrated to apply the proper amount of product to control weeds on your lawn. 

Identifying Weeds Commonly Found in the Tri-Cities

An essential step in controlling your lawn’s weeds is to know exactly what types of weeds are invading your grass. Afterward, we can begin our weed control treatment.  These treatments are intended to address a wide range of weed species and weed types that exist in your lawn. 

Here are some examples of the weeds that are commonly found in the Tri-Cities:

  • Dandelions 
  • Clover 
  • Bindweed (Morning Glory) 
  • Plantain 
  • Mallow 
  • Goathead 
  • Oxalis 
  • Spurge 

It is important to have a weed control program in place to control and eliminate the amount of weeds that are marring your landscape. At Colonial Lawn & Garden, our lawn care professionals will ensure that all the weeds in your lawn are completely eliminated. We are committed to restoring the beauty and lushness of your Tri-Cities lawn. 

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Colonial Lawn and Garden’s Weed Control Treatment Plan

In addition to treating your lawn with our weed control treatment, our lawn care experts inspect your whole yard in order to create a customized plan for your lawn’s unique needs. We provide Tri-Cities lawns with services that promote healthy, thick grass growth. By building up a healthy, thick lawn, along with proper fertilizing, watering, and mowing, you will be able to block out and prevent future lawn weeds from taking hold. 

Addressing Crabgrass in Your Lawn

Crabgrass gets its name from the way it grows – low to the ground with stems that radiate out from the center of the grass clump, resembling crab legs. 

Here is what makes crabgrass challenging to control and eliminate from your lawn:

  • This weed is able to grow in very warm and dry conditions here in the Tri-Cities.
  • A single crabgrass plant can produce 150,000 seeds during the growing season.
  • Crabgrass germinates when soil temperatures reach between 55 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Ungerminated seeds live in the soil for as long as 30 years before sprouting.
  • Crabgrass prefers the thin and bare spots on your lawn. 

Colonial Lawn & Garden will eliminate the crabgrass in your lawn with our crabgrass material that is applied in the fall or early spring, before crabgrass seeds germinate. We have the expertise and equipment to effectively control and prevent crabgrass in your Tri-Cities lawn. Experience the joy of having a thick, lush, crabgrass-free lawn with Colonial’s weed control treatments. 

Colonial Offers Dethatching & Lawn Fungicide Services


Excessive thatch, or a layer of roots, dead grass shoots, and stems that rest on top of the soil, are all harmful to the health of your lawn.  The expert lawn-care technicians from Colonial Lawn & Garden will thin out the thatch through power raking, which allows the fertilizer, water, air and other nutrients to penetrate the ground and reach your lawn’s roots. This is why it is so important to de-thatch so your lawn can receive all the nutrients it needs to live and thrive.

Lawn Fungicide

There is nothing that can mar the appearance of your lawn worse than lawn fungicide. Within just days, a fungus will leave your lawn looking discolored, turning your visible investment into an embarrassing sight. Lawn fungus feed on decomposing organic matter in your lawn or the grass plant itself. Leave it to the lawn-care experts at Colonial Lawn & Garden to quickly identify your fungus problem and apply treatment to prevent continual damage. Trust Colonial Lawn & Garden to provide recommendations or treatments that enable you to maintain a healthy and vibrant lawn throughout the year.

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Look to Colonial Lawn & Garden for Exceptional Weed Control Services

At Colonial Lawn & Garden, we make it our business to keep your landscape healthy and vibrant all year long. In that effort, we have developed a weed control service that is designed to proactively prevent weeds such as spurge, crabgrass, and oxalis. What’s more, we also control those weeds that somehow are able to break through with post-emergent weed control treatments.

We use safe control methods so you are guaranteed to eliminate weeds while keeping you and your pets free of any harmful chemicals.

Call Colonial today and see how easy it can be to have a beautiful landscape that is free of weeds. 

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