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It is worth noting that trees and shrubs on your property have immense value. In fact, plants of any type beautify your property as they add height and depth to your landscape, and they provide much needed shade during the warmer summer months in the Tri-Cities and Yakima. Trees and shrubs serve as windbreakers in the winter, which reduces your heating expenses. However, trees and shrubs are vulnerable to disease and insect infestations.

By having Colonial Lawn & Garden take over the care of your trees and shrubs, you can be assured that they will be in excellent health year-round. Our tree service includes tree spraying for insects and disease.  With our comprehensive treatment, you can rest assured that you are giving your ornamentals the best care available.

Think about everything these plants can do:

Sprays for Insects and Disease

Although it is normal to have some insects in your trees and shrubs, they are vulnerable to infestations that can ravage them. The average person may not be able to detect potentially dangerous insects until it is too late. At Colonial Lawn & Garden, we have the expert technicians to identify any problems early and deliver the right treatment to preserve the health of your trees and shrubs. What’s more, we regularly evaluate your plants and apply treatments as necessary, all as part of our tree and shrub insect/disease program.

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Tree and Shrub Trimming/Pruning

Let Colonial Lawn & Garden be responsible for trimming and pruning your trees and shrubs. This professional care will ensure that all your trees and shrubs retain their vitality and thrive. Our expert technicians know the proper techniques to trim and prune so it fosters growth and doesn’t harm them. We also know when it is best to trim and prune.


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