What are the Benefits of Hiring a Pest Control Service?

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Spiders, termites, fire ants, beetles, and earwigs love to visit unsuspecting homeowners day and night throughout the year. These unwelcome guests can be not only terrifying for one’s family, but they can pose a severe health and safety risk to one’s home. Fortunately, you don’t need to open the door and let them in. Instead, you can enjoy all the benefits of hiring a pest control has to offer at an affordable price. 

5 Benefits of Hiring a Pest Control Service

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#1: Protection from Unwanted Pests

While you may be a lovely host to your friends, it doesn’t mean uninvited pests will be welcome at your home. As a homeowner, you likely have children, pets, a garden, and gorgeous landscaping that you want to keep safe in addition to your home. 

Pests often make their way into homes for a variety of reasons, typically as protection from predators or to gain access to food, water, and shelter. Unfortunately, pests rarely make good roommates, and they certainly aren’t going to help out by paying rent. Instead, they will quickly find secret hidey-hole (or make them through chewing) until they are firmly planted inside the household. By hiring a pest control service, you can guarantee that unwanted pests, such as termites and fire ants, won’t be tempted to pay a visit. Such a service will allow you to relax and rest easy that your home is a safe place for all your loved ones. 

#2: A Tailored Pest Control Plan to Suit Your Needs

Every home and business, every lawn and landscaping design, and every home and business owner are different, making your pest control needs unique to you. A professional pest control service will design a tailored pest control plan and schedule to suit your home, environmental, and personal needs and preferences. This plan will take into account the size of your space, common pests in the area, identified problem pests, your landscaping design and materials, and your personal preferences on scheduling.

Whether you have a small lawn, a lush garden with various crops, or three rowdy dogs that love to dig, you never have to worry about under or over-spraying, time gaps, or a spot getting missed! 

#3: Professional, Quick, & Reliable Pest Services

Home and business owners today are busier than ever. Your time shouldn’t be spent researching green products, buying equipment, and going through the process of spraying your space on a tight schedule. Your time is better spent working in the job you love or spending time with loved ones. 

So, you can save time and hassle by hiring a pest control service rather than being stressed by trying to DIY pest control. Reputable pest control services will provide you with professional, quick, and reliable services. They are kind, quiet, and respectful, completing the job quickly but thoroughly so as not to disrupt your routine. In most cases, you won’t even know they have been and gone! 

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#4: Affordable Protection that Saves You Money

Let’s say that you haven’t been utilizing a pest control service and have merely been trying to do it yourself when you remember. Unfortunately, the chances of waiting too long or using incorrect materials are high. When this happens, pests can invade your home and cause severe damage, costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars to have them removed and the problem fixed. 

Rather than wasting that money, you can have an affordable pest service. No more buying equipment or chemicals, no more wasted time, and no more unexpected pests getting past those weak defenses. Your pest control service will take care of it all!

#5: High-Quality, Eco-Friendly Pest Spray

As a homeowner, you are constantly bombarded by a myriad of products that “supposedly” work well. Unfortunately, most homeowners often buy harmful chemicals that can damage their outdoor space, be toxic to pets, and have long-term adverse effects on the surrounding environment. Plus, you then have to store them! When working with a reputable pest control service, you can rest assured that you only get top-quality products. 

Most pest control services, like Colonial Lawn, solely use high-performance pest control spray that meets the strictest safety and environmental standards. These green products are chemical-free, non-toxic, and harmless to the environment. 

tri cities and yakima lawn care perimeter pest control

Colonial Lawn Perimeter Pest Control Lawn Care Services

Colonial Lawn offers perimeter pest control lawn care services that treat the perimeter of your home, so you can rest assured that any pests that cross that boundary will die. Colonial Lawn and Garden’s toxic-free pest spray keeps all these annoying creatures from entering your structure. 

When our pest control technician comes to your home, you can anticipate a thoroughly trained, licensed professional. All of our pest control technicians undergo extensive training that includes ongoing courses to stay informed on best practices when it comes to all our landscaping services. To learn more about your services and to request an estimate, please complete our contact form to start your journey to a greener, healthier lawn

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