Now’s The Time To Consider Fall Pest Control

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As much as we don’t like to think about it, summer will be drawing to a close in another month or so. With the cooler temperatures rolling in, bugs will start to seek out shelter in our homes. These bugs not only creepy to look at, but some pests can even cause health problems. Here are just a few of the more than 30 bugs that perimeter pest control can keep out of your home.

What Is Perimeter Pest Control

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At Colonial Lawn & Garden, we can easily add a perimeter pest control application to your regular lawn care services program. Your pest control technician will use specialized products to spray an insect-killing substance around the foundation of your home. Once dry, this residue kills any bug that tries to cross it. It will last for quite some time – even through the rain – for up to 30 days. At this time, we will reapply it to give you extended coverage throughout the season. Skip the ant traps, bug spray, and DIY pest control and get results that actually work!

Bugs Killed By Perimeter Pest Control


Few things are more disturbing than walking into a spider’s web or spotting a spider lurking in the house. Spiders are one of the top-ranking fears in humans, so we don’t judge you for hating them. They belong outside, where they can do their part to control other insect populations. And then there’s the fact that some spiders in Washington state, like the black widow, can be harmful if they bite! With a perimeter pest control spray, you won’t have any more spiders to deal with.


While millipedes aren’t as gross as other bugs, it’s completely understandable you wouldn’t want to find one in your home. They are big, and some species, like the yellow-spotted millipede, can actually emit an odor if they feel threatened. To make matters worse, millipedes like to migrate in groups, so if you’ve seen one in your home, chances are there are more. Imagine how stinky a whole group of millipedes would smell! Our treatment keeps them outside in the garden, where they belong. Millipedes help till the soil and are among the most beneficial bugs you can have in your flower beds. But indoors, they’re just a nuisance.


Centipedes might be the creepiest bug that invades our homes – after cockroaches. They don’t cause health problems or damage our furniture, but they have been known to bite when threatened. Children and pets are the most likely to be bitten. These bites can be as painful as a bee sting. Adults aren’t likely to try and touch the centipedes, but toddlers or dogs might. And centipedes are not only creepy – they’re incredibly fast, so killing them yourself is challenging. They’re also very good at hiding in nooks and crannies, so you could have a major infestation and not know. Our pest control spray reaches into even the tiniest cracks and crevices, ensuring that every possible entryway for centipedes is treated.


One of the most destructive pests we can have in Washington is the carpenter ant. They get their name because they will burrow into wooden structures like furniture or even the wooden beams that support our walls. They don’t actually eat the wood like termites – that’s a common misconception. They use the wood to create tunnels and build their colony where it’s safe from predators. But even without completely eating the wood, their activity can cause major damage and cost us hundreds or even thousands of dollars.


There’s a well-known myth that claims earwigs will nest in your ear canal. This is not true. In fact, any bug can get in your ear accidentally, but it’s rare. Like all bugs, they are more likely to run away if you come near. That being said, they are incredibly terrifying. And if you like houseplants, watch out. Earwigs love to dine on them.


Named for the silvery scales that coat their exoskeleton, silverfish are found anywhere that has little light and lots of moisture – like basements or attics. They especially love bookshelves, where they will chew on paper. Silverfish are nocturnal, small, and will dart quickly when disturbed. Fortunately, they have no wings, so you won’t have to worry about them swarming mid-air. You can protect yourself and your important documents by adding a perimeter pest control application to your lawn maintenance program or as a stand-alone service.


Cockroaches are undoubtedly the worst insect pest to have in your home. They cause health problems and are notorious for being hard to kill. Once roaches get inside, it becomes harder to eradicate them. Their droppings – yes, their poop – can cause or exacerbate asthma, and many people are highly allergic. What’s more, is they are typically found in kitchens where they have access to food. Don’t let these disgusting bugs near you, your family, or your food!

Get Professional Pest Control Near Yakima, WA

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With fall approaching, now’s the time to protect your home from all of the disgusting bugs we discussed. You can do that easily with a perimeter pest control application from Colonial Lawn & Garden. Our pest control services are administered by licensed and trained technicians, so you have peace of mind knowing your property is protected. Don’t wait until the bugs migrate en masse. Give us a call at (509) 966-1655 for service in Yakima, and for the tri-city region, call (509) 371-1655 or leave us a message to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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