What are the Benefits of Sprinkler Maintenance for Spring and Summer?

Why Sprinkler Maintenance is Vital for a Healthy Lawn

One of the top perks of owning a home rather than an apartment or a condo is having a front and back yard. You get to create a personal outdoor space that meets your unique needs and wants, whether that is growing a large vegetable garden or building an area where your family can play together. To keep your outdoor space vibrant and functional, it needs to be watered properly. 

As a busy person, it is unlikely you have the time or desire to water your space adequately by hand, which is why you have invested in a sprinkler system to manage it for you. Sadly, like any technology with moving parts, sprinkler systems aren’t flawless. They need regular maintenance to ensure they perform at top efficiency long-term. Rather than trying to perform spring sprinkler maintenance, summer repairs, or winterization yourself, you can join a sprinkler maintenance program to take care of all your landscape watering needs. Keep reading to learn why sprinkler maintenance is vital for a healthy lawn and how you can sign up for a sprinkler maintenance program today. 

Why Sprinkler Maintenance is Vital for a Healthy Lawn

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Start the Spring Season Strong 

As the seasons transition from the frigid temperatures of winter to the quick warmth of spring, homeowners are often behind on their home and landscaping checklists, which can be detrimental to the long-term health of landscaping. To ensure that your landscape design is prepared for the new season, where watering will be critical, a thorough inspection of your existing sprinkler system is vital to ensure everything is working correctly. Through this spring sprinkler maintenance inspection, system failures can be identified, repaired, or replaced before it damages your landscaping or sends your water bill through the roof. 

Reduce Water & Energy Waste 

Every home has unique landscape components and designs that dictate how much water consumption is needed. One homeowner may have an extensive garden bed, whereas their neighbor may practice drought-tolerant landscaping with minimal grass design. Unfortunately, simply turning on a sprinkler and letting it run can be highly wasteful and damaging to the environment. Overwatering not only leads to water waste, but it can cause water channels to form in your landscaping as a run-off path when the ground is overly saturated. Plus, it often leads to critical spots being missed during the watering session, leading to pathetic brown spots and wimpy vegetation. 

Through proper summer sprinkler maintenance, your technician will ensure that your landscaping is set up to get water the appropriate amount – not too much, nor too little. This will ensure that there are no dead spots, no water run-off and that your landscaping looks healthy and vibrant throughout the spring and summer seasons. 

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Increase Sprinkler Safety & Functionality

It is typical for sprinkler systems installed by average homeowners to be placed incorrectly. While this may not seem like a big deal, it can be a considerable safety and functionality concern. The last thing you want is for a guest to trip over a sprinkler head or for your teenager to run over an irrigation line with a lawn mower. When your sprinkler technician comes to visit, they will review your sprinkler design to ensure the utmost safety and functionality. If changes need to be made, they can outline their suggestions and perform the transition if requested as an additional service. 

Prepare Properly for Winter Temperatures

Homeowners living in regions where the temperatures drop below freezing in the winter season recognize how crucial it is to prepare a home for those brutal nights and cold days. Again, unfortunately, sprinkler systems often go forgotten when homeowners weatherproof their homes. It only takes a small amount of water to freeze a sprinkler system, which can lead to cracks and the build-up of pressure. Replacing or repairing a frozen sprinkler system can cost thousands of dollars; no one wants that. 

With a sprinkler maintenance plan, your technician will winterize your system for you, blowing out the lines to ensure the water is completely purged from the system. You’ll never have to run around your yard in the dark in your PJs, trying to quickly drain the lines as the temperatures drop again! You can rest assured that your system will easily make it through the winter without concern. 

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Colonial Lawn & Garden – Your Sprinkler Technicians

For nearly 40 years, Colonial Lawn & Garden has provided homeowners of the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas with world-class lawn care services.  To ensure that your landscaping gets provided the proper amount of water to ensure a luscious aesthetic and functional design, we encourage homeowners to join our Sprinkler System Maintenance Plan. 

In our Sprinkler Service Maintenance Plan, we send a professional technician to your property seven times during the season. Our service includes spring start-up, fall winterization, and five check-ins in between. The technician will check to be sure everything involving your sprinklers is operating correctly. During each check-in visit, we will adjust your watering schedule to suit the changing needs of the seasons. By choosing our program, homeowners will be notified of any problems detected as they arise, be able to make adjustments or repairs in early stages, and prevent major issues before they develop.

For more information on our Sprinkler Service Maintenance Plan, please contact us today! We will happily walk you through all the perks of the plan and help you schedule your first appointment.