Sprinkler System Maintenance

Your sprinkler system is a vital resource in providing your landscape the right amount of water to stay healthy.

Your lawn, trees, shrubs, and other plants depend on a properly operating sprinkler system.

Just the right amount of water helps protect against disease, fights the negative effects of drought, and encourages a strong healthy environment while properly managing our essential water resources.

Don’t leave to chance whether your sprinklers keep working properly month after month. With our program, we stay in front of changing conditions. No dry spots! No water-logged landscapes. Trust Colonial Lawn & Garden to maintain your sprinkler system properly and efficiently from startup to shutdown.

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Complete Sprinkler System Maintenance


7 System Checks Throughout the Season

As part of our sprinkler system maintenance services, we will send a professional technician to your property seven times during the season (including spring start-up and fall winterization). That technician will check to ensure everything involving your sprinklers is operating correctly. Additionally, he will adjust your watering schedule as seasonal demands change. Each visit helps us catch problems early, so we can make adjustments or repairs as needed before they become a critical and costly problem.

Spring Start-Up

Once the freezing temperatures of winter have safely passed, it’s time to start up your sprinkler system once more. This isn’t as simple as turning on the water at your kitchen sink, or even restoring water to your home. Sprinkler systems can be fairly complex, with many components which may burst if you don’t reactivate the system properly.

Avoid costly repairs, flooding, uneven watering, and more by turning to us. We can check that your system not only is turned on correctly, but that everything is operating at peak condition. This means your lawn, garden, etc. receive optimal irrigation from the beginning of the season.

Fall Winterization

It only takes a little bit of water left in your sprinkler system to freeze during the winter and cause thousands of dollars of damages in the spring. That mistake is completely avoidable with our fall winterization service. We blow out the lines, ensuring all water is purged from the system. Because our technicians go through extensive training, you can trust they know how to perform this task properly. When the weather starts to cool off, call on us to winterize your sprinkler system and ensure it will be safe throughout the winter.

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