Perimeter Pest Control

You don’t want to share your home with pests, but spiders, ants, earwigs, silverfish, beetles, and other insects are always looking for a way inside. After all, your living space provides endless amounts of food, water, protection from predators, and a nice place to breed.

You don’t have to endure pest infestations, thanks to perimeter pest control provided by Colonial Lawn & Garden. We’ll lay down an invisible barrier that will keep these troublesome creatures out of your home, so you can live in peace.

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Why the Perimeter

Unfortunately, your home’s foundation is absolutely perfect for pests to hang out and even nest. Thanks to features like shrubs, decorations, mulch, flowers, hose hideaways, and other features, they enjoy natural cover from predators and your watchful eye.
As these pests take up residence just outside your house, they eventually find an opening large enough to let themselves in. You can try sealing up all the cracks and gaps you find in the foundation, which is an excellent idea, but pests will still find a way inside.
Treating the perimeter of your home means any pests that cross that boundary will die. Perimeter pest control keeps insects, spiders, and other unwelcomed guests from entering the structure, plus any living inside will perish if they try going outside.
By concentrating on the exterior of your home, we keep sprays out of your house. Our perimeter pest control means a technician can show up and do the work when you’re not around, which is a convenient option.

What We Cover

When a perimeter pest control technician comes to your home, you can expect a thoroughly trained, licensed professional. Each technician goes through extensive training, including ongoing courses to keep their knowledge current. They apply sprays along the foundation, around the windows, doors, and light fixtures, plus under the eaves – all the places insects like to try to get into your home

Earwig and ant control requires detailed precision. Our technicians apply a granular bait that these critters carry back to their colony. This additional treatment is a benefit to you at no additional charge.

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