Lawn Care Program

Nothing gives your house more curb appeal than a deep green, well-cared-for, healthy lawn. Even if people don’t realize it, your lawn is one of the first things they notice. It reflects on not only your property and how it’s maintained, but also you as the owner.
Making your lawn healthy, full, and vibrantly green comes with plenty of challenges. You can’t just water and trim it, expecting the grass will always look amazing. Instead of hoping for the best, turn to Colonial Lawn & Garden for professional expertise. Our premium lawn care program will help make your grass look its best and keep it that way, all season long.

Lawn Fertilization

For your lawn to be its best requires an ongoing balanced diet of nutrients. Because many of the elements required to sustain a beautiful lawn are soluble, they get used up and must be replenished. That’s why regular grass fertilization is necessary to maintaining a healthy lawn.

To get amazing results, it takes more than just buying a random bag of fertilizer and spreading it over your lawn. You first need to know what state the soil is in and what the grass needs. Each bag of fertilizer comes with three numbers printed on it. They represent the percentage of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in the mix and are critical in calculating how many pounds you need to spread on your lawn. Some sources are “slow” release, others “quick” release, and then there are micro-nutrients.

If selecting an optimal fertilizer for your lawn sounds technical, it is. We have the expertise to know exactly what your grass needs to grow healthy and strong, plus we have the skills to apply the fertilizer appropriately. Best of all, you will love the results, guaranteed.

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Weed Control

Grub Control

Grubs literally make a snack out of your lawn’s roots. They can kill entire sections of grass, making them a considerable problem. You should know these tiny, white creatures that look like short worms are actually the damaging larvae stage of several beetles, weevils and moths. Failing to kill off a significant grub population in your lawn’s soil will only lead to continued damage this season and next.

We apply preventive products to control damaging insects, before you even notice a problem. And take appropriate action to get the situation under control, so your lawn rebounds.

6 Inspections from a Licensed Technician

You may not be a lawn expert, but you do know when something doesn’t look right. Our licensed technicains provide 6 inspections as part of our premium lawn care program. They will identify problems early, so we take corrective action before a problem gets out of hand. All this is included in our lawn care program.

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