Additional Services

Keeping your yard looking its best will impress everyone.

That requires more than just watering the various plants occasionally and cutting the grass. You need to address a variety of points that will ensure everything stays in excellent condition. After all, people will judge your property by the way the lawn and other landscaping appears. That’s why Colonial Lawn & Garden provides a whole array of additional services that will leave your outdoor areas looking their absolute best.


Core aeration is a process where a machine pulls plugs of soil, thatch, and grass out of the ground. Perhaps you’ve seen public lawns or neighbors’ yards with these plugs spread across the lawn. This service is performed once a year, usually in the spring or fall, and has quite a few benefits:

  • It fights against soil compaction by opening pathways for water, fertilizer, and air to sink deeper into the ground.
  • Holes are opened in the thatch layer (Thatch can block water and nutrients from reaching the grass roots, harming the health of your lawn).
  • The plugs spread nutrients and microbes more evenly throughout your lawn as they breakdown, helping to break down the thatch layer.
  • Improved drainage so water will stop pooling in your yard when you turn on the sprinklers or after a heavy rain.
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Top Dressing and Overseeding

Keep your lawn looking green and healthy, plus fight excessive thatch with our top dressing service. We spread an organic compost over your lawn, which provides numerous health benefits like providing proper nutrients and smoothing out the ground surface.

If your lawn is looking a little thin, overseeding is an excellent solution. Our technicians spread grass seed in your lawn, so the small open spots fill in. With proper care, your lawn will look green, thick, and healthy.


Excessive thatch, or a layer of roots, dead grass shoots, and stems that sit on top of the soil, is detrimental to your lawn’s health. We will thin out the thatch through power raking, allowing fertilizer, water, air, and other nutrients to penetrate the ground and reach the lawn’s roots.

Call Colonial Lawn & Garden today to schedule an appointment of any of these services.

Lawn Fungicide

Within days, a fungus can be destructive to a beautiful, green, lawn and turn your most visible investment into an embarrassing sight. Lawn fungus’ feed on decomposing, organic matter in the lawn or the grass plant itself. Quick identification of a fungus problem and treatment is essential to prevent ongoing damage. In many cases leaving it untreated can decimate a lawn.

Our trained lawn care professionals can identify fungus issues or conditions that may lead to the growth of a fungus and provide recommendations or treatments to keep your lawn looking healthy and vibrant all season long.

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