Is It Worth It to Pay for Routine Lawn Care?

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It is estimated that approximately 80 percent of Americans have a lawn. About 40 percent or so homeowners with a lawn hire a professional lawn care service in any given year.   Are you one of the minority of people who pay for lawn care service? If not, maybe you’re not sure if it’s worth it […]

What are the Benefits of Routine Lawn Care?

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The Benefits of Routine Lawn Care Maintenance Having a lush green lawn is essential to creating that immediate, first impression of your property. Also, when it comes to resale value, a well-landscaped home has a significant price advantage over a home with no landscaping.  Although the vast majority of Americans desire a beautiful, verdant lawn, […]

Why You Need To Include De-Thatching To Your Yard Care To-Do List

de thatching how to do so effectively

There’s a famous saying that goes: all things in moderation. That’s certainly true about the thatch in your lawn. Thatch comprises dead organic material like grass and leaves and provides many benefits for your lawn. Unfortunately, when the thatch layer is too thick, it can have the opposite effect and smother the grass. Learn the […]

10 Effective Lawn Care Tips

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10 of the Most Effective Lawn Care Tips There is nothing nicer for your property’s curb appeal than a rich, verdant and lush lawn. A beautiful green lawn doesn’t happen magically. It takes the correct techniques, the right tools, and the knowledge of how to fertilize and water your grass to optimize healthy growth. That’s why […]

How to Fix Dead Patches of Grass in the Lawn

how to fix dead patches in your lawn

How to Remove Dead Patches of Grass in the Lawn We all love and appreciate seeing a lush, verdant lawn in our front and back yards. It makes us feel good, it boosts our curb appeal, and it serves as an ideal playground for the kids.  Your lawn is one of the first things people […]