Tree & Shrub Care

The trees and shrubs on your property have immense value, making efforts to protect them worthwhile. Think about everything these plants can do:

  • They beautify your property, adding height and depth to the landscaping.
  • Mature trees and shrubs can increase the value of your property.
  • In the summer, you enjoy shade while outside. Trees can shade your home, lowering cooling costs.
  • For the winter months, trees and shrubs act as windbreakers, reducing heating expenses.
  • Trees and shrubs give off oxygen and provide a place for birds to live or spend time during the day.

Despite all these benefits,

you might find that caring for the plants on your property is a challenge. After all, trees and shrubs can both fall victim to severe weather, disease, and insect infestations. You also must stay on top of pruning and other maintenance to-dos.

Fortunately, you have Colonial Lawn & Garden to help you take proper care of your trees and shrubs. We have the expertise necessary to help your trees and shrubs truly thrive, instead of looking sickly and damaged. With our tree care service including tree spraying and shrub fertilization, you can have the confidence you are giving your ornamentals the best care out there.

Insect Control

While it’s normal to have some insects in your trees and shrubs, infestations of certain kinds can absolutely ravage them. The damage done might be irreversible, and your tree or shrub could die.

For our insect control program, we regularly evaluate your plants and apply treatments as necessary.

  • For the early spring, we apply a dormant oil to combat overwintering insects, preventing damage to your plants. A fungicide is also part of the application, fighting mildew that can also cause harm.
  • For the regular spring treatment, a whole range of invasive insects are covered, including scale and aphids.
  • During the summer, we apply measures to control mites, aphids, scale, and other insects that are notorious for that time of the year.
  • The late summer treatment application targets insects that are trying to overwinter in the trees and shrubs on your property.
Contact us today to arrange for your tree and shrub care, then relax knowing these valuable assets are protected.
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