Commercial & Residential Lawn Maintenance

Business goes where it is invited…the saying goes. We strive to make your landscape beautifully inviting all year long.

Coordinating all of the various services required to maintain your commercial/residential property takes a lot of work. With our Full-Service Property Care program, we coordinate all the tasks and services in a custom package specific to your needs. We provide budget friendly-Eight equal monthly installments for our lawn and landscape maintenance services, discounted 10%.

Sometimes equipment is a challenge

Most people don’t have quick access to an aeration machine, lawn edger, and other necessary items to do the job correctly.

A well-maintained outdoor area positively reflects on you and your business, but it takes time and resources to keep it maintained. Life happens, sometimes even mowing the lawn isn't a possibility with busy schedules. People will judge you based on the overall appearance of your landscaping, so you want to put your best foot forward. With Colonial's landscape management professionals, your happy, healthy yard will make people take a second glance and feel welcomed.

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With Colonial Lawn & Garden, you can have the landscape of your dreams, and not have to lift a finger to keep it looking amazing.

We can take care of all the maintenance items for your landscape, including:

  • Lawn mowing service
  • Edging the lawn
  • Maintaining proper irrigation
  • Weekly litter and debris removal
  • Trimming shrubs and trees
  • Landscape enhancements
  • Fresh mulch/compost
  • Raking up and disposing of leaves
  • Lawn aeration
  • Snow Removal

Plus many more items

We send professional crews to perform the work, so you can rest assured it will be done correctly, quickly, and without any hassle. You can count on our regular visits, providing the consistent care your landscaping needs.

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