Yakima, WA

The Yakima Valley is well-known in Washington for being a particularly fertile part of the state. It boasts quite a few trees, wineries, and apple orchards. While not overly large, the city of Yakima contains quite a few excellent amenities. The residents are also overall friendly and hospitable, making this an excellent place to live. Get out and explore the community by trying any of the following activities.

Bonair Winery

While there are many wineries in the area to try, quite a few residents gravitate to Bonair Winery. It’s located in a vineyard, unlike some wineries, and you actually walk past rows of grapevines on your way to the building. Thanks to the widely varying temperatures during the day and night, the grapes have a good balance between sugar and acid, making the wines distinct. A tasting room is located at this winery.

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Cowiche Canyon Trail

Get outdoors and do some active things by visiting this popular area. The canyon features several hiking trails, and some you can take mountain bikes on. An abandoned railroad is one of the trails, so you can soak in the history of the area while observing wildlife and getting away from everything. There are a variety of difficult levels for the trails, so you can find one that will suit the abilities of whatever group.

Yakima Valley Museum

Situated in Franklin Park, this museum is a celebration of the area’s proud history. It details the natural history of the Yakima Valley, as well as the rise of the fruit industry, arrival of the pioneers, the beginnings of the city, and more. One of the many highlights is the numerous horse-drawn vehicles on display. Different temporary exhibitions pass through as well, giving you reason to keep going back. While you’re there, try the Museum Soda Fountain, which is a replica of a 1930s Art Deco soda fountain. The museum gathered salvaged parts from soda fountains in the area to create this one, ensuring a highly authentic experience. The Museum Store is also of interest, considering it features books about local culture, nature, and history.

Johnson’s Orchards

This orchard is located right in the city, but it feels worlds apart. It has an old time feel to it, so you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. You can visit the 1916 fruit packing warehouse and even sample cherries, when they’re in season. Of course, you can come to the orchard to purchase cherries, apples, apricots, peaches, nectarines, pluots, plums, and pears.

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