Kennewick, WA

Situated in Benton County, on the southwest bank of the Columbia River, the city of Kennewick Washington is a tremendous place to call home. It’s large enough to have plenty of modern amenities, but not so large to lose its charm and friendly nature. You have many options to stay active and entertained in your free time while living in Kennewick. If you need some ideas, try any of the following destinations.

Columbia Center Mall

If you’re in the mood to shop, the Columbia Center Mall is the place to go in Kennewick. While it might not be as big as the malls in larger cities, it has a nice variety of stores, so there’s a little bit of something for everyone. The same thing goes for the food court, which boasts a mixture of national chains and local establishments. If you’re in the mood for entertainment, this mall also has a movie theater.

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9/11 World Trade Center Memorial Monument

Whether you remember that tragic day back in 2001 or have heard about it, this is a must-see memorial located right in Kennewick. While small, it contains a piece of the Twin Towers that fell, making for a unique and touching tribute. First responders and those who died in the tragedies of that day are all honored.

Gesa Carousel of Dreams

This is a slice of history for the Kennewick area, making it worthy of visiting at least once. The carousel itself was originally made back in the 1920s but was recently restored and looks absolutely amazing. There are two new additions to the ride, which represent Washington State University and the University of Washington, giving fans of the two schools yet another reason to visit and ride. If you need a unique gathering place for a family reunion, business meeting, etc. the banquet room can hold up to 100. The deck off it provides access to the adjacent Southridge Sports Complex, too.

Columbia Park

Playing outside is a great way to feel refreshed and get away from your normal worries. This park in particular has a popular area called the Playground of Dreams, which was created to look like a castle they can explore. Other play areas scattered around the park add to the fun. You can also feed the ducks at the pond, watch the river, try your luck at the family fishing lake, exercise on running trails, or just have a picnic in the large shady spots. The park is large, so you can explore it for a long time, or keep coming back and spend time in different sections.

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