Tree & Shrub Insect/Disease Control Program

Some insect activity in your trees and shrubs is normal. However, a necessary precaution in a healthy landscape is periodic evaluation and treatment. When high populations of damaging insects are allowed to persist in your landscape, the harm done may be unsightly and impossible to repair. Our four-application program is designed to protect your valuable landscape plantings from insect and disease damage.

Program Details

Early Spring (Dormant Oil)

Your landscape plantings are treated with a dormant oil to control overwintering insects before they cause damage. This application also contains a fungicide which reduces spring mildew damage.


The spring treatment controls a host of plant-damaging insects, such as aphids and scale.


Your landscape plantings are treated to control damaging mites, scale, aphids, and other persisting insects.

Late Summer

This treatment controls persisting insects before they overwinter in your trees and shrubs.