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A rose is a rose – but we’re talking turf grass lawns

By Lance Forsee, owner of Colonial Lawn & Garden – as featured in the Giant Nickel in March of 2017 “A rose is a rose” – Poetic yes, far from true when talking roses or lawns! Folks innocently apply this mindset when it comes to their lawn… or that of their neighbors – “I want

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Something green in my yard is making me crabby: A conversation about Crabgrass

Crabgrass is an annual opportunistic grass, and it is now early spring. If you think you are seeing it already and you live in Eastern Washington, you are more than likely mistaken. Crabgrass is killed by the cold winter, but the seeds remain for next year. It begins sprouting in late spring. LATE spring (because

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Preparing for the Hot Weeks Ahead in Yakima & Tri-Cities

If you’ve turned on the weather channel or gone to your favorite website for weather reports, you probably already know that the next few weeks are going to be hot. After several weeks of cooler and wetter weather, the hot temperatures will come as a shock to our bodies and the plants in our landscapes.

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